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The second data pack in the SanSan Cycle hit shelves last week. That means it’s time for me to once again discuss the highlights of this particular addition to the game.


Despite what the title of this pack would suggest, not much in the breaker department beyond Study Guide, which, while interesting, doesn’t exactly top my list here for cards of note—esp. as decoders go in the ever-adaptable world of Shapers.  Missed opportunity, FFG!  On the whole, we have a few more interesting edge case cards and odds-and-ends to flesh out a few strategies, but not much to email home about—have fun at your Beach Party, brah! There are a few notable cards, however:



Hayley Kaplan: Universal Scholar: We welcome a new runner to the nets, and an interesting one at that. Already online I have seen Hayley popping up quite a bit—as new cards are wont to do. Ms. Kaplan’s ability is relatively straightforward: you get some click compression on installing stuff. This means, in a stealth deck, you can plop down a Cloak and a Dagger (or Refractor or Switchblade or…) with a single click, speeding up what can often be click-taxing to assemble.  If you’re playing a resource-heavy build, drop Kati and a Daily Casts with the flick of a cybernetic wrist. And let’s not forget the shenanigans you can pull in-run with cards like Clone Chip, where you muster a rig on-the-go once you have sussed out just what programs are needed to get the job done.  Just remember: you have to still pay the install cost!!!


Comet: This handy console most-assuredly belongs to Hayley (beyond the obvious fact she is on the card art, I mean), as it offers some more click compression for events. Like our new runner, I have seen Comet left and right in action, chaining Dirty Laundry into Sure Gamble, Account Siphons into Emergency Shutdowns, Test Run and Scavenge in pairs for that oh-so-delicious end result.  I have also seen a lot of people jamming this into decks where the synergy is moreover forced than efficient—namely, a matchup against a Ken deck where it felt like this card was actually hurting the ID ability more than it helped it. The cost is relatively high, and importing consoles out of faction can be tricky, but I see some potential here.

career fair

Career Fair: I sometimes catch myself talking about Netrunner around non-cyber-punks, and then objectively realize how silly and mundane most of the cards sound. This card might take the cake in this regard, but nonetheless it is certainly a valuable tool for Criminals playing a fair share of resources—esp. Andromeda, who could benefit from that 9 card opener. Mr. Li for free?! Daily Casts?! Professional Contacts for 2?! Holy rebates, Batman!


Much like with the runner-side of this pack, we have some chaff and some more-than-okay cards to discuss, like…

Breaker Bay Grid

Breaker Bay Grid: Speaking of rebates, wowza!  Fans of glacier-style builds must be making snow angels since the release of this card. I could plug away at the obvious, but instead, I implore you, just check out the text and you too will understand!

ICE Cycle: I am just going to lump all of these cards under a single header, as they are clearly intended to be a cycle of ICE, one for each faction, that gets a bonus dependent upon which server they protect. Oh, and they happen to be named after famous computery sciencey guys most of us have never heard of—I wish Gutenberg was referencing the guy who played Mahoney in The Police Academy movies so baaaaad!

Turing: This card seems more than okay to me. It is everything Hourglass wishes it was and then some. Flopping an agenda behind this alone once it is rezzed comes with no guarantees.  Good thing Bioroids exist. And False Leads. And…

Crick: This seems to have been handed down from the Replicating Perfection deities as a gift of sorts. Archives is often where runners go first when trying to burn that click to access remotes against RP to attack their asset econ and, more importantly, try and snatch up agendas. Crick can help get back RP’s best cards, esp. when at 6 strength protecting Archives, making them all the more annoying to navigate.


Gutenberg: Yet another porous tag-em-up ICE from NBN, though this one may be one of the best at what it does. Trace 7 is no slouch, nor is strength 6 when on R&D. For fans of Scorched Earth, Closed Accounts, and the like, here ya go!


Meru Mati

Meru Mati: Correction, after trying to Google this name, I did not turn up the individual after which it was named. At the end of the day, who cares when this card is like Ice Wall on ‘roids when protecting HQ. Paying 2 for essentially a Bastion is quite the bargain. Sure, this ice is mostly practical and not really reinforcing strategies like the others, but I rank it as more than decent in Weyland.

That’s it for now. Check out the rest of the pack contents over at http://netrunnerdb.com/en/set/bb. Hope to see you guys at Game Preserve North for league tonight!

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