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2014 Holiday Suggestions

Needing some ideas for a good game but not sure what to get? Every year of our thirty-four year existence, The Game Preserve has fashioned a Holiday buyer’s list. We come up with a small list of games we think would fit the bill for your strat players, wordsmiths, 2-player head-to head, trivianuts plus just one or two good party games you and your friends and family can enjoy this holiday season.


1) Machi Koro

Machi Koro

Machi Koro

Machi Koro is a light-hearted game of building your city better and faster than your opponents. Roll the die collect money based what buildings your have dominion over. Just have one Bakery that gets you one coin anytime a 2 or 3 is rolled? Why not save your money and get a Cafe’ and get one coin from the PLAYER WHO ROLLED a 3!

This is an excellent introductory game for a new player, or just as good a game for that beer and pretzel game night for those that enjoy Settlers of Catan and the like.


  • 2 – 4 players
  • 30 minute game play
  • Ages 10+

2) iKNOW

iKNOW Trivia Game

iKNOW Trivia Game


iKNOW is a fun trivia game allowing each player an opportunity to decide how easy the answer to the question will be and they also get to bet against other players as to whether or not they know the answer.


Score from 1 – 3 points per question depending how hard you’ve decided to make it for yourself. Then the next phase take a chance on losing or gaining points by deciding if the other players will know the answer.

  • Ages 15+
  • 2 – 6 players
  • 45+ minutes playtime

3) Ambiguity

ambiguity_1Not sure if the die an “M” or a “W”. That’s fine. Let it be both. In Ambiguity, roll the dice and get word searching for as many words as you can find. The Longer, the better. First one to 100 points wins.

  • Ages 8+
  • 2 or more players
  • less than 30 minutes


4)Brave Rats


Brave Rats

Brave Rats

This is a fast-paced 2-player game of card counting. Decide what to use or throw away based on what the other player had played. Play in less than 5 minutes.

  • 2 player only
  • 5 minutes
  • 8 – adult

5) Splendor



Splendor is a game of gem collecting. Much like dominion where the player needs to design a means of getting more and more money, in Splendor, the needs to develop an engine to gather up gems that will ultimately get him or her more prestige. First player to get to 15 points, wins.


  • Ages 10+
  • 30 minute playtime
  • 2 -4 players

6) Concept



If there has to be a favorite this year, Concept is definitely that. Think of concept as charades with out all the acting. Draw a card, and then start giving out clues on a board with universal symbols. Some are harder than others. But this game is always a good time.

  • Ages 10+
  • 4 – 12 Players
  • 40 minutes playtime


Slam at the Ram #8


November 1st 2014 Slam at the Ram!

Another year is in the books for Slam at the Ram. It was said on Saturday, this may be the longest running Privateer Press based system event ever. It is pretty incredible to be the genesis of something like that.


We had nearly a full house of attendees this year with only two no-shows, due to work scheduling conflicts. Speaking of conflicts, we were delayed starting due to Indy’s Monumental Marathon that started near that time. If you know the Indianapolis area, the downtown Ram is located in such a way getting to it from the north side of town is problematic when the authorities have shut down the surrounding area for 60 blocks. The responsibility lays on me to next time look ahead for scheduling as to what other events are going on at the time.


The Slam at the Ram is a unique event hosted by The Game Preserve and The Ram Brewery in downtown Indianapolis, Indiana. Due to the small, intimate nature of the Hoosier Room at the back of The Ram Brewery, we can only provide sixteen places for players to come and compete for The Hammer Award, a 30 pound sledge-hammer trophy.


If you’re interested in playing Warmachine and Hordes please check out each store’s online event calendar.


Having to win one Hammer is quite a feat. But, winning two is pretty incredible. A big congratulations goes out to T.J. Crawford for winning, two years in a row, The Hammer Award! T.J. not only won his second Hammer, but also took home another hammer for Fastest Caster Kill with only six minutes used on his death clock, which is a new record since we’ve begun using death clocks. The loser of this doesn’t go home empty handed, however. Ted Crawford (T.J.’s older brother) goes home with a gift card worth $15, allowing him to buy a new ‘caster!

From left to Right: Ted Crawford, T.J. Crawford, Alex Andrews(Host)

From left to Right: Ted Crawford, T.J. Crawford, Alex Andrews(Host)


T.J.’s Khador Amy Lists were:

List A)

Karchev                                                    +5 points

Devastator                                                 9 points

Juggernaught                                            7 points

Andrei Malakov                                       3 points

Beast-09                                                     11 points

Eiryss, Angel of Retribution                 3 points

Reinholdt                                                      1 point

Aiyana & Holt                                             4 points

Gorman Di Wulfe                                       2 points

Jozef Grigorovich                                      2 points

Winterguard, Full Unit                            6 points

3 Rocketeers                                                3 points

WG officer and Standard                         2 points

Koldun Lord                                                2 points

Total                                                          55 points


List B)


Butcher Unleashed w/ Argus     +4 points

Conquest                                             19 points

Wardog                                                   1 point

Boomhowler Full Unit                      9 points

Alexia & Risen                                      5 points

Iron Fang Pikeman Full Unit          8 points

Black Dragoon                                      2 points

Madelyn Corbeau                                2 points

Eiryss, Mage Hunter                           3 points

Bokur                                                        3 points

Saxon Orrik                                            2 points

Total                                                      54 points


Other Awards:


  • The Largest V.P Spread goes to Philip Goldstein, a previous Hammer winner. His V.P. spread was 49 points. With 50 being the basis of the tournament, that’s a significant victory. But he didn’t do it without making friends.
  • Philip also won The Best Sportsman Mug, given to the one player that all the other participants agree was the most fun competitor to play against. We are playing at a micro brewery–what better Sportsman award trophy than a mug?
  • Finally, The Best Painted goes to Rick Wright for his Skorne army.


From left to Right: Rick Wright, Nick Lavelle, Andrew Hartley, Steven Goldner, Andy Alderson, T.J. Crawford, Ted Crawford, Dave Heffner, Jake Leeman, Rich Curtiss, Philip Goldstein, Taylor Peterson, Patrick Wheaton, Alex Andrews, Greg Shoemaker and Rob Elstro

From left to Right: Rick Wright, Nick Lavelle, Andrew Hartley, Steven Goldner, Andy Alderson, T.J. Crawford, Ted Crawford, Dave Heffner, Jake Leeman, Rich Curtiss, Philip Goldstein, Taylor Peterson, Patrick Wheaton, Alex Andrews, Greg Shoemaker and Rob Elstro


Special Thanks:


  • A big Thank you goes out to The Ram Brewery for providing the space for a unique and fun event.


  • Another big Thank you goes to our server who babysat us all from 10am to well past 8pm the entire day–always with a smile on her face. Thank you Amanda!


  • Thank you goes to Castleton Trophies  for providing all the trophies we use for the event. They always look great. Thank you, Kellee!


  • Also, Thank you to Sarah Gallon for most of the pictures provided.


  • Finally, Thank you to Greg Shoemaker, our Press Ganger and friend, for running a well moderated event.